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#1 on the New York Times Bestsellers List!
Winner of the Nationl Association of Real Estate Editors's 'Best First Time Author' Award!
USA TODAY Best-Selling Books Top 150 List!
#3 on Amazon's Best Sellers in Real Estate and continuous to stay on the list!
Take advantage of today's real estate market to find great properties at incredible prices.

Adam Leitman Bailey Wins NARRE's "Best First Time Author" Award

Our recent economic meltdown transformed real estate from a popular investment to financial kryptonite. Too many people purchased homes with mortgages they simply could never afford. The good news: Great deals are out there for the taking. Finding the Uncommon Deal gives you the secrets to discovering and successfully negotiating the lowest prices for the most prized properties available. You'll get the expert advice you need to navigate this changing real estate world.

  • Discover how to go beyond Internet listings to get on-the-ground intelligence on the best deals
  • Get proven negotiating skills to close the deal at a rock-bottom price
  • The author has assisted thousands in purchasing homes as a lawyer, broker, and investor; has been ranked by internationally esteemed publication Chambers and Partners as one of the leading real estate lawyers; and regularly appears as a real estate authority in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal
If you're successful enough to afford a home, then you probably have the skills needed to get a great deal in today's market. Finding the Uncommon Deal gives you the keys to leverage your skills for success and savings, opening the door to today's best properties and lowest prices.

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